Dignity Survey Results

Logan Bear
Tue, 03/27/2007 - 19:58

Questions are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being least and 5 being most important.

  1. Spiritual Development: “We strive to achieve Christian maturity through the sacraments, Scripture, prayer, an active love of neighbor as ourselves, and liturgical celebrations, especially the Mass.”
    • Sunday Liturgies 1 [0] 2 [0] 3 [0] 4 [3] 5 [17]
    • A Yearly Retreat 1 [1] 2 [2] 3 [10] 4 [6] 5 [1]
    • Periodic Discussions (eg: Passions) 1 [1] 2 [2] 3 [6] 4 [9] 5 [2]
    • Guest Speakers 1 [2] 2 [3] 3 [7] 4 [6] 5 2]


    • The Passions articles have not inspired me as much as I thought. But I would welcome periodic opportunities to meet and discuss—perhaps in someone’s home.
    • Discussions should be on topics of predetermined interest to members.
    • Getting an outside speaker is stimulating in our pursuit of our Christian Reconciliation with homosexuality.
    • Let’s pursue our idea of a retreat, even if it is for a small group.
    • Need better music for liturgy; would enjoy a retreat.
    • I would enjoy more opportunities to hear about members’ faith journeys, struggles, etc., whether through discussions or presentations by each other or guest speakers.
    • Consider involvement with Newman Call to Action for Mary of Magdala Mass. This has been ongoing for two or three years.

  2. Education: “We inform ourselves in all matters of faith and of interest to our communities, so that we may grow in maturity and may nurture fulfilling lives in which our sexuality and spirituality are integrated.”
    • Guest speakers 1 [1] 2 [2] 3 [6] 4 [8] 5 [3]
    • Newsletter 1 [2] 2 [8] 3 [4] 4 [3] 5 [3]
    • Website articles 1 [2] 2 [3] 3 [6] 4 [6] 5 [5]
    • Reading materials (eg: Book Reviews) 1 [1] 2 [2] 3 [7] 4 [5] 5 [3]


    • Our website is a great opportunity to reach out to others, but we also need to find ways to advertise and promote activities.
    • I am overwhelmed with e-mail texts. Reading material, such as simple handouts at Mass is best for me.
    • I have many sources for this. I would welcome social justice projects as a way to inform. A newsletter is a lot of work. Website articles may be easy way to “clip and save” things we find.
    • I have valued the “Passions” articles we have discussed.
    • Outreach education to GLBT youth. Logistics and “politics” of this is admittedly a challenge, but vital and necessary. Who affirms these young people?

  3. Social Justice: “As Catholics and members of society, we involve ourselves in those actions that bring the love of Christ to others and provide the basis of social reform in the Church and society.” (The following are subsets from the National statement)
    • Service to others in building community 1 [0] 2 [0] 3 [4] 4 [6] 5 [8]
    • Work in solidarity with other GLBT groups 1 [0] 2 [0] 3 [4] 4 [13] 5 [2]
    • Work with religious and secular groups for better understanding of GLBT issues to eliminate injustice 1 [0] 2 [0] 3 [1] 4 [13] 5 [6]
    • Work for equal access in health care 1 [1] 2 [2] 3 [7] 4 [5] 5 [4]
    • Work to eradicate sexism and patriarchy in Church and secular life and for inclusion of women 1 [0] 2 [1] 3 [1] 4 [7] 5 [11]


    • We have often talked about a “project” that would get us out in the community. It will be a chance to serve and to witness. I also would like to see a resumption of a collection, with a certain % to be given to area charities.
    • We could certainly be more ecumenical. The gatherings we’ve had with others have been very positive and affirming. Let’s see about some worship together—maybe during Christian Unity week.
    • I am wondering what we can do as a local chapter to grow in lesbian membership. I appreciate the invitation of leadership and chapter to preside over our liturgical prayer.
    • Has any thought been given to connecting with GLBT organizations on campuses?
    • Can we be more responsive to local needs as we become aware of them?
    • What is the Catholic tradition for social justice? What can be done so the Catholic hierarchy practice those principles for all those who seek to be ministered to?
    • Health care access is important, but what does it have to do with Dignity?
    • Outreach to Pater Noster House.

  4. Equality Issues “We dedicate ourselves to develop the potential of all persons to become more fully human. To do this we work toward the eradication of all constraints on our personhood based on the ascribed social roles of women and men and to promote inclusivity in all areas of liturgical and community life.”
    • Importance of this 1 [0] 2 [0] 3 [0] 4 [6] 5 [14]


    • We probably need to review this constantly. We are doing better liturgically with Marie and Norma participating. We should make an effort to find out the needs of our lesbian sisters.
    • I think Dignity is fulfilling its local role to include women in liturgical services. We need to share our successes with other Dignity chapters and at a national level.
    • To live inclusivity in our liturgy, invest in inclusive language hymnals. We made great inroads here with inclusion of women celebrants. Look for opportunities for us to publicly witness to our lives when we can—legislative hearings, etc.
    • If we work with others for justice, we will probably meet those who might be looking for a spiritual home.
    • Networking with other GLBT and Catholic reform groups.
    • Each to their talents the task assigned, regardless of race, color, unrelated disability (real or perceived,) sex, affection preference, etc.
    • Appreciate inclusive language; would like hymnals to have inclusive language songs.
    • Inclusive language is critical.
    • I would welcome opportunities for inclusion of GLBT and straight people of faith, who also feel disenfranchised by Mother Church.
    • Continue to be intentional to include women in celebrating liturgy/presiding, preaching, teaching, etc.

  5. Social Events ”We provide activities of a social and recreational nature in an atmosphere where friendships can develop and mature, and where our sense of self acceptance and dignity is affirmed.”
    • There should be a social committee 1 [0] 2 [1] 3 [6] 4 [8] 5 [4]
    • Sunday socials are sufficient 1 [2] 2 [4] 3 [5] 4 [5] 5 [1]
    • Events between Sundays would be good 1 [3] 2 [4] 3 [4] 4 [5] 5 [3]
    • Monthly socials aside from liturgy 1 [1] 2 [6] 3 [3] 4 [7] 5 [2]


    • The one about Sunday socials was awkwardly written.
    • I really believe we need more interaction with each other. The discussion at Ron and Bob’s house in early December was great—spontaneous! It was good to hear people be frank and honest.
    • The Sunday social works for me. Occasionally I go to dinner prior to Mass with 3 or 4 Dignity members, but this could be inclusive and open to all as a convenient format. We usually go to Bob Evans.
    • We have hosted social events and they have always been well-received. I’d like to see at least 4 of these a year. Can we ask people to share hosting? It helps us get to know one another better and builds community.
    • I wouldn’t place great emphasis on social events, but an occasional social gathering would be nice.
    • Social events are sufficient.
    • I prefer socializing with members in smaller, more intimate groups/settings.
    • I would suggest a quarterly, or maybe biannual party/social.

Other Comments not covered by the survey
  • A mailing list.
  • Outreach to those who have been to Dignity—what are their needs/ how might we help to meet them. What support do we give to Catholics who are marginalized?
  • I encourage the board to discern if we should “merge” with Simply Catholic. Several other chapters are moving in this direction. Also—thanks for taking on leadership roles and thanks to Logan for the new web site!!
  • I believe the work you do is valuable; however, my involvement at this time is limited to liturgical celebrations.
  • Dignity is evolving in Columbus. I am not as concerned about the Vatican as before. I believe “we are the Church.” Amen.
  • I really believe we need more interaction with each other. The discussion at Ron & Bob’s house was great—spontaneous. But it was good to hear people be frank & honest.