Leadership Team Elections 2012

Logan Bear
Thu, 09/14/2006 - 09:08

On Sunday, September 25, 2012, we will be having our bi-annual elections of our leadership team. Nominations are due by Sunday, September 18, 2012 and can be sent to nominations@dignitycolumbus.org.

There are four positions. The functions are interpreted for the 2010 - 2012 Leadership Team as:

  • Director, Advocacy and Outreach
    The "public voice" for the Chapter
    Advocate for the GLBT community and the chapter to the Church, and the larger community
    Liaison for the Chapter with DignityUSA and other Dignity affiliates
    Promotes the Chapter in the Columbus area, particularly to the larger GLBT community
    Maintains the Chapter Website
  • Director, Membership and Hospitality
    "Care and feeding" of the chapter membership to sustain and increase membership
    Maintains and distributes current membership roster
    Provides hospitality to members and guests at chapter meetings and special events
    Ensures the new guests are welcomed and introduced to members. Followup to encourage affiliation
    Responds to email and other inquiries for information and distributed information to the membership
  • Director, Spiritual Life
    Plans and makes arrangements for the Chapter's liturgies, prayer services, and other events and activities that promote the spiritual health of the members
    Secures musicians for same
    Ensures liturgies are inclusive
    Makes arrangements for a priest to preside and coordinates with same
  • Director, Resource Management
    Organizes and executes annual pledge drive for financial resources
    Pursues other funding resources such as grants or gifts-in-kind or fund-raising activities to meet the financial needs of the Chapter
    Maintains all financial records
    Constructs and monitors a simple budget with the other Directors
    Maintains Chapter bank-accounts
    Pays bills
    Assists with the Chapter Website

Last revised 13 Nov 2010