Speak the Truth in Love: Write Your Bishop.

One of our dear members has been mentioned on a Gay Catholic blog, Queering the Church.  The title of the article is Speak the Truth in Love: Write Your Bishop. The following is an from this artiicle.

If we lack the formal structures to speak to the institutional Church,  we must create our own.  One American Catholic, Joseph Gentilini, has found a way to do so himself, which all of us can follow.  He simply writes to the bishops. 


What qualifies priests to preach about marriage?

External Link: Read more of Norma's letter to the editor

Editor's Note: This is an letter to the editor written by a member of Dignity/Columbus:

All the Catholic priests in Ohio called to a two-day convocation on marriage. Wow! According to two Dispatch articles of Nov. 6, "Help for modern marriages" and "Priests seek ideas to help newlyweds," this conference, part of a national effort to strengthen marriage, offered "speeches from clergy, theologians and academics with advice." 


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