Leo Radel's Dignity Homily On November 28, 2004 The First Sunday of Advent

I grew up in a large family so mornings were hectic. First of all, we had two bathrooms and eleven people to get ready for work or school in about one hour. It meant you had to be prepared well in advance. It was a challenge to get the hot water for a shower or the dry towel or the first piece of coffeecake or bowl of “Cream of Wheat.” We older children each had a younger sibling we were responsible for.

DignityUSA Biennial Convention Review

The DignityUSA Biennial Convention has come and gone. The convention was truly an extraordinary event. Our hats are off to the Philadelphia Chapter for a job well done. From the opening liturgy, which with ended with a Mummers Band marching into the hall, to a concert with Jason and DeMarco, and the Parade of Banners, the opening session was truly remarkable and which most definitely set the mark for the rest of the convention.